A polymath designer who thinks big and starts small
We believe that the web is better when more people are making it. Universe is built to empower everyone to create their own home on the internet. We're looking for a product designer to help accelerate progress towards our mission. What does the future of the internet look like? How do we empower everyone to build it? We believe that, to quote Alan Kay, “simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible.” What does look like on a tiny touch screen? How do we unlock responsive design, commerce, and programmatic creation for everyone? REQUIREMENTS - You have experience and a passion for designing mobile tools and inventing new interfaces - You've seen a product through multiple iterations/life cycles, and can incorporate insights back into future iterations - You have a strong visual sensibility, with a keen eye for beautiful, usable interfaces - You strive to learn more, ask questions, and grow both professionally and personally - You can work across the stack, from high level conceptual thinking to UX wireframes to polished, animated final designs - You’ve used our product and understood what makes it great and where there are opportunities for improvement. - Above all else, you should be able to think deeply about what makes a design work—or not— and clearly articulate why to everyone involved INTERESTED? Send an email to [email protected] with your portfolio and some thoughts about why Universe is interesting to you.