Marketing at Universe


We're extremely excited to further explore the Head of Marketing opportunity with you!

Throughout our careers, we've repeatedly found that the best way to mutually decide whether a new role will be a great fit is to dive right in on realistic projects together.

As the Head of Marketing at Universe, you will have an incredible opportunity to build a function, and create a movement. Part strategist, part storyteller, you will be the leader who initiates an exciting period of growth — we can’t wait!

Our North Star for the next year is to get to 100K subscribers (from ~10k). We’ve made some serious progress but need to accelerate this growth if we’re going to hit our goal.

Now that you’ve spent some time with us, we want to hear how you would approach your first few months at Universe with this target in mind. Specifically, we’re interested in how you’d use your expertise in product marketing to build an overarching marketing strategy.

Please spend no more than 4 hours preparing a high-level plan for the marketing org, and the main initiatives you would put into motion in your first 3 months (with as much specificity as possible!). We don’t expect this to be conclusive—you’ll need a lot of time to build context—but we’d like to understand how you’d approach the opportunity.

We will use this plan as the basis for our final discussion - can’t wait to dig in! Looking forward to continuing the conversation. 💥