Senior CSS Engineer—
Universe opens up the possibilities of the internet to everyone. A magical grid that distills the web into simple Lego-like building blocks. With our app, anyone on earth can build a custom website or online store in seconds — without code, all from a phone. Dynamically generating efficient, performant websites from anything that our users can dream up is an exciting challenge — and one that is only going to grow as we build an increasingly powerful editor. We are looking for someone (you!) to help us push CSS to its limits and keep us on the cutting edge. What you’ll do 🔧 As our Senior CSS Engineer, you will own our CSS architecture — how it fits within our codebase and how we deliver it with our websites. You will work with our Web team on developing new features and optimizing existing ones. You will work with our Product team to help strategize around what features could be added that would help us improve the quality of our sites. You will also work with other teams to help them with any HTML / CSS needs. Who you are 👀 You love CSS more than anyone you've ever met. You are frustrated by how bloated sites on the internet are and how much of this is from people reaching for heavy frameworks for simple CSS problems. You want to improve the overall quality of the web by fixing this balance and doing it for an ever-expanding number of sites. You love solving complex problems. You like working in an environment where you are empowered to come up with your own solutions to desired outcomes. You are focused on getting to the right solution — not on being right — and enjoy collaborating with others who share that focus. You are a team player. You enjoy working with others and understand that together we can build something better than any one of us could have done alone. You have extensive HTML / CSS experience. You may also enjoy working in JavaScript or being involved with design, we're flexible — we would love to play to your other strengths as well. Join us.