Yes to Desk 🌎


We're extremely excited to further explore the Team Operations Coordinator opportunity with you!

Throughout our careers, we've repeatedly found that the best way to mutually decide whether a new role will be a great fit is to dive right in on realistic projects together.

The Team Operations Coordinator at Universe will have a massive opportunity to create breezy processes and fun experiences for the Universe team. As Universe grows, we want new team members to feel inspired by our vision, informed and supported even before they officially start.

With these goals in mind, design “yes to desk” process and experience that gives new hires the information they need to prepare for their first day of work. 🪐

Below you’ll find all of the tasks that need to take place during this time, as well as some materials on our brand, our product and culture. Use these resources as inspiration for the following prompts:

1. Behind the scenes: Create a process to complete all of the tasks outlining who needs to do what, when. Feel free to use project management apps or templates you would normally use to organize the information and keep everyone aligned.

2. New Hire Experience: Once you have the operations worked out, design the experience from the new hire’s perspective. How do you communicate relevant information? Include sample email templates and anything else you would do to make the experience extra special.

Please spend no more than 4 hours completing the following and feel free to make assumptions if you need to fill in the blanks. Most importantly, feel free to bring your most creative self to the project. We’re SO excited to see what you come up with!

And if you’d like to explore the product more enter code ‘unseenuniverse’ by holding down the subscribe button when paying for pro for a free site!

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