Product Lead

Creation Tools

Universe opens up the possibilities of the internet to everyone. A magical grid that distills the web into simple Lego-like building blocks. With our app, anyone on earth can build a custom website in minutes—without code, all from a phone.

We are looking for an exceptional product builder to help grow our set of creative tools. This person will facilitate the creation of breakthrough tools to empower creators and entrepreneurs to build the websites of their dreams. They will work across design, engineering, growth, and support to identify opportunities, solve problems, and invent new enabling technologies for millions of internet builders around the world.

We like to think of Universe as a new language for building things online. A language that everyone can use, instead of just those with esoteric technical skills or lots of capital. In the fullness of time, this language will grow to open the full capabilities of the internet to everyone. Our Creative Tools Lead will be the steward of this open-ended kit of parts. They will work closely with our users and with our team to identify needs, design solutions, and build world class products that people all over the world will use to manifest their ideas.

This is an opportunity to drive the product that will unlock who can build the internet. A chance to lead a team to bring web design to billions of people without a home on the internet. An invitation to join a team who believe in an internet for the people.


You will lead a Product Team focused on building tools to democratize web design. You will work hand-in-hand with Ryan Poolos, our CTO, and the rest of our small-yet-mighty product org to build an ever-evolving product strategy.

You will meet creators and learn their experiences. You will gather, organize, and balance inputs from across the team. You will absorb data insights shared by our growth team. You will lead brainstorms and ideation sessions. You will track bugs as they are reported by our support team. You will capture new ideas in our backlog. You will connect the dots to identify and define opportunities in the intersections of these inputs. You will develop an actionable product roadmap for your team.

You'll also be boots on the ground with designers and engineers as they execute. You will ensure smooth transitions between hand-off points from you to design, design to engineering, and engineering to release. You will work with designers to help them embody the most valuable parts of an idea. You'll unblock engineers with real-time decisions and clarifications within the product vision. You will mobilize the right people when unforeseen complications arise.

Most importantly, you'll contribute in ways we can't possibly foresee. You'll bring new ideas, new energy, new ways of looking at problems. You love the product we've built, but you also see possibilities for how it could be so much better. You'll take what we've got and push us to all new heights.


You are obsessed with the democratic power of good design. The idea of working on creative tools—big and small—lights you up. You delight at the idea of inventing new interfaces can but you know when to lean into what is familiar.

You want to work on a compelling product that people love because it lets them build their home on the web. The impact a product makes matters to you. You're ready to build the internet you want to see in the world.

You are a product connoisseur — fascinated by what makes each successful and unique. You can clearly spot the products built by craftspeople versus the rest. You look at products and wonder why they are the way they are. A backlog of ideas roll out before you like a red carpet because everything is a starting point rather than a destination.

You are a self-starter, clear communicator, and organized thinker with a get-it-done attitude. Nothing is too big or too small for you. You're a brave, big picture thinker who isn't afraid to roll up your sleeves and dive into the details.

You have seen a product team succeed before so you know what is possible. You're excited by startups. You're optimistic. You thrive on being flexible, focusing on the output, and kaizen (continuous improvement). You view your effort today as investment in tomorrow.

While we've accomplished a lot, we're only just getting started. There are now 5 billion people online, but only a tiny fraction of them can actually build the internet. We are changing that.

Join Us.


Our mission is to empower everyone to build the internet. Universe is a magical new way to build websites — it's the first website builder designed for phones. Our app makes it easy for anyone to make a great looking website and start selling online in minutes from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And we make it as fun as playing with Legos! Give it a try:

We are a remote-first, 40+ person company with teammates spread out across the US and the world. We went through Y Combinator in 2018 and have raised $47M in funding to date from knowledgeable investors including Addition, Google Ventures, General Catalyst, Box Group, and Javelin Venture Partners.


We value individual agency and ownership — which guides our product design and our company's culture. While other companies offer lots of perks, we prioritize your freedom: work from anywhere, in the way you're at your best. We believe that an individual's capacity for growth is far larger than most understand, and we've designed an environment to support rapid, continuous learning. Ideas here come from everyone, initiative is respected, and quality matters. We are here to build something special and enduring.

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