Day One


We're extremely excited to further explore the Head of People opportunity with you!

Throughout our careers, we've repeatedly found that the best way to mutually decide whether a new role will be a great fit is to dive right in on realistic projects together.

The Head of People at Universe will have a massive opportunity to design unparalleled experiences for the Universe team; experiences that inspire purpose, adventure, and growth. We believe one of the most important experiences in the employee lifecycle is the first day. We want new team members to feel inspired by our vision, aligned with our values and supported by their team from the very beginning. With these goals in mind, design a memorable first day experience that fosters connection and accelerates their integration into the Universe culture. 🪐

Please spend no more than 4 hours completing the following. If any questions come up, please don't hesitate to reach out over email—we're excited to collaborate on these with you and provide any input as needed.

Looking forward to continuing the conversation! 💥