Life at Universe

It’s no secret, we think remote work is the future. We were founded as a remote-first company and have no intention of shifting this structure. To us, remote work is the great equalizer, allowing us to move fast and keep the main thing (shipping awesome products to our beloved creators) the main thing. The beauty of our “work from anywhere” workplace is that every person is empowered to find their perfect work/life blend.

Teams will skew across many time zones, expectation is to be available with a strong internet connection during a few anchored meetings throughout the week and some core hours. (Varies by team) We don’t track time, or enforce schedules based on time zones but we do ask that you communicate so we know when you are available. Outside of the core hours, you have the ownership and autonomy to get your work done.


We strongly believe it’s possible to work hard and also enjoy life with family and friends, so our vacation policy is totally flexible, within reason. Just let the team know ahead of time and try to be respectful when you’re aware of upcoming milestones. We value impact and relentlessly shipping value to our creators, not how many 9-to-5 days you’re at your desk.

Health & Wellness

Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision insurance - we cover 100% of premiums for you and a portion of your dependents. We also provide access to a nutritionist for all of our employees!


You know where you are personally most productive, and we believe in the power of an inspiring space. We’ll reimburse up to $1k in expenses to freshen up your home office any way you wish. We can’t wait for pics of your setup!

If you need some IRL time with some of the Universe team, you can usually find a few of us hanging out at our Brooklyn Studio where the doors are always open :)

Creative Fuel

We actively nurture our team’s boundless creativity at work, and in life. Each team member can enjoy a museum membership to any museum in the world, on us!

We also provide a credit each quarter for team members to Shop a Creator, supporting our creators and getting unique art or wares is a win-win!

We also love to adventure together and hold regular offsites and dedicated team bonding time.

Team Culture

The culture at Universe is kind and uplifting. We work hard, and we have fun! We love hearing about the diverse hobbies and interests of our teammates, and value what is unique about each individual on the team.

At its core, Universe is an idea-seeking environment, we seek first to understand, then be understood. We value collaboration, not competition; teams, not individuals; inquiry exploration and constructive debate, not “telling”; and learning more than “knowing.”

Day-to-day, you’ll probably encounter…

• Becoming the latest feature in the #share-backgrounds Slack channel (Yes, most people are not actually sitting in Jeff’s kitchen, or behind Joe’s bookcase)

• A metallic silver package might show up at your door… and inside a Universe t shirt that looks shockingly similar to a band tee (Universe could be a cool band)

• Listening to a 10 minute long joke in our end of week meeting from Chris (You won’t know when it’s coming, just be prepared!)

• Joe might lead you in an off trail hike in the mountains of Colorado…

We care deeply about creating an inclusive, equitable, positive environment for our whole team. All special interest groups (including Slack groups) should be open to anyone who is interested. We invest in what unites us and we reject things that push us apart like tribalism, overt politics, and exclusive behavior. Currently, 2/8 of our leadership roles are held by women. In the company as a whole, we are at almost 50/50 gender parity.