We are a team of learners –– we are intensely passionate about personal and professional growth. We work to get better day by day, making incremental and thus exponential progress. We look for people who want to be co-creators of the company –– as a team member at Universe, you will be actively involved in shaping us, from culture to community and from processes to product.

S.E.E.K. is the acronym for our values:


We believe in shooting for the moon. We don't measure ourselves by what others have done, but by the reaches of our imagination. Quality inspires quality, beauty inspires beauty. The arc of technology has an inevitability to it, but the way we approach our work is not inevitable.


We believe that humans can change the world for the better. Our job is to equip people with the technical, creative, and economic tools to do it. Trust great people. Give them ownership. Assume good intent. Dream big.


We believe that the best work is indistinguishable from play. What we don’t know inspires us, curiosity fuels us. We are a tiny spaceship exploring an infinite future. To navigate to success, we ask good questions. We learn by doing.


We believe in iterative, continuous improvement over sweeping action and big central plans. Compounded growth over long periods of time yields outsized results. Everything is a draft, a work-in-progress.